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Accounting & Business

The School of Accounting & Business (SAB)

Offer¬†a wide range of industry-relevant business programmes that cater to the diverse needs of individuals, industries and progessions. Whichever SAD programme you choose, your learing experience will transform you into a much-sought-after graduate. SAB’s sterling track record of academic excellence, students’ achievements and professional bodies’ recognition are testimony to the quality of its programmes.

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Humanity, Hospitality & Tourism Management

The School of Humanity, Hospitality & Tourism Management (SHHTM)

The hospitality and tourism sectors are growing at an exponential pace and RCC School of Humanity, Hospitality and Tourism (SHHTM) prides itself on matching every stride of this growth. With its dynamic programmes and outlook, it is obvious why SHHTM leads the way for hospitality education in Southeast Asia.

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Sciences & Computing

The School of Sciences & Computing (SSC)

The School of Sciences & Computing at RCC has a road range of courses available to students seeking to develop their knowledge of the ICT world. The mission of SSC is to nurture and produce digital tech talents in cutting-edge technology, promoting innovations and technoprenerurship to meet the current needs of the industry in digital economy.

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School's Programmes

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