Professional Course


Intensive English Proficiency (IELTS)

Intensive English Proficiency (IEP) for IELTS [International Student] (R2/KPJ/00847) RCC Intensive English Proficiency Course (IEP) is designed for local and international students to study courses in English at the college and University level. Before they study diploma or degree programme at college or university, IEP course will help student whose English is not their first language to expose and develop all aspects of language learning This course will cover basic grammars in English; reading skills to comprehend ideas ffrom texts; speaking skills for successful engagements in discussions; listening skills for taking ideas and skills for various types of writing.

Learning objectives:

  • To prepare students learning grammatical in oral and writing skills
  • To develop students for reading, listening and communicating skills

Duration of course:

IEP will take 4 weeks to complete (72 hours); with additional 2 days (12 hours) of IELTS Preparatory Workshop prior the IELTS examination (optional).

Entry requirement:

Both local and international students, will need to sit for the RCC English Placement Test to determine the level of English assessment will then be marked by a qualified English Lecturer.


Every month throughout the year. Examination of IELTS will be open 1 – 2 times per month.

Course Fees

Course fee
RM 2,780.00

Other Charges

Registration Fee
RM 300.00
RM 150.00
Insurance (Inclusive of SST & STAMP duty)
RM 330.00

Optional Fee

IELTS Exam Preparatory Workshop
RM 425.00

Optional Fee

Visa + Student Pass
RM 1500.00
Security Deposit (Refundable)
(Bangladesh) RM 750.00
(Indonesia) RM 500.00
(China) RM 1,500.00

Other Professional Courses (Local Student)

IELTS Preparation Workshop

A 12- hour workshop shows you IELTS test taking strategies cover all four test components, helping you to achieve your maximum IELTS Band Score:

  1. Strategies for Writing
  2. Strategies for Speaking
  3. Listening for Accuracy
  4. Reading for Accuracy
IELTS is the world’s most popular English language proficiency test for Higher Education and global migration. It is designed to help you to use English in your studies, at you workplace and or other purposes while abroad.

Course Fees

Course fee
RM 2,780.00

IELTS Test Fee

IELTS General Training/Academic
RM 795.00
RM 1,100.00
IELTS Life Skills
RM 810.00

MUET Preparation Workshop

A 12-hour workshop will expose the candidates to all the four components of the list: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. MUET is compulsory for all STPM, Matriculation, Diploma and Pre-university students who wish to pursue their first degree in local universities.

Course Fees

MUET Workshop Fee
RM 325.00
MUET Test Fee
RM 100.00

Computerized Accounting Workshop

A 8-hour workshop is designed to equip students with basic knowledge and understanding of computerized accounting. It covers the setup of a new company creating all types of ledger accounts, maintaining opening balances, performing accounting transactions and journals and generating financial reports and issue of payment vouchers and/or other receipts.

Course Fees

Workshop Fee
RM 400.00
Test Fee
RM 250.00

SST Fundamentals Workshop

An 8-hour workshop is designed to enable students to understand SST ad get the business ready for implementation of SST. It covers SST and its application, basic elements of SST, filing of SST-02 return payment and accountability of SST.

Course Fees

Workshop Fee
RM 450.00
Group of 3
(Per-person) RM 400.00