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We believe that education should be made available for everyone. Therefore at RCC, we make you studies more affordable. There are various grants and scholarships available here. This will make you to concentrate on performing well in your studies.

RCC Scholarship

RCC offers the following scholarships to deserving, high performing Malaysian students:

 Full Scholarship  Partial Scholarship (50%)
SPM / O-Level 10 A’s and above 7 A’s and above
STPM CGPA > 4.00 CGPA > 3.70
A-Level 3 A’s 2 A’s
United Examination Certificate 10 A’s 7 A’s
CPU 85% (6 best subjects) 75% (6 best subjects)
RCC Diploma OR Equivalent CGPA > 3.75 CGPA > 3.50

Tuition Fee Waiver

This special scheme is applicable for all Malaysian and International students
who are studying at RCC.
Fee waivers are given based on merit. Scholarship with following CGPA will
be rewarded according to the scheme below:

CGPA Tuition Fee Waived
CGPA ≥ 3.7560%
3.50 ≤ CGPA ≤ 3.7530%
*When you score higher grades, you are rewarded with lower tuition fees. Please refer to our friendly staff for further details. Terms & condition apply.*