Current Student

Student Testimonials

Bryan Lim Heng Fu

Diploma in Supply Chain Management

Despite having to leave my hometown in pursuit of quality education, I choose RCC’s supply chain management program because of its affordable fees. And being located in Kuching, its laid-back lifestyle here means people are much happier! Also, Kuching and its multiracial community is the perfect example of racial harmony.

Jee Wee Jun

Diploma in Entrepreneurship

I choose RCC because of its affordable fees and the staff here is nice. Plus, the college is near to my house.

Hii Tai Fa

Certificate in Business

The college helped me to develop my interpersonal skill, critical thinking, teamwork and leadership through extracurricular activities. I am grateful for the opportunity given to me while studying my certificate here.

Dyg Nursyafiqah-Qawiemah Bt Abg Sapali

Diploma in Ecotourism

University or college, is an important part of your study life. Which is, where you created your own future, by choosing the right course that you are really wishing for. My goals since I enroll into RCC has been worth it for me, to achieved many experiences, get flying colours result was one of my main goals and developed in academic or non-academic areas. I’m also one of the student who received scholarship from the college.

Olivia Christie Anak Winnie

Diploma in Secretaryship

Learning is not just about studying what we are interested in. I am glad for choosing RCC and managed to increase my knowledge in the right course I’m taking. The right people will lead us to the right path.

Muhammad Azizul B. Jabar

Diploma in Business Management

Not only has RCC helped me to become a better student through its industrial relevant courses. I have also benefited from many programmes held throughout the year in preparation for me to face the real world.

Angelina Ak Jemi

Diploma in Accountancy

The reason why I choose RCC is because its curated knowledge. College exposed me to knowledge that has stood the test of time, knowledge that is actually meaningful, knowledge that will lead me to new ways of thinking and new ways of doing thing.

Chin Lien Poh

Diploma in Event Management

I choose RCC because I stay at Kuching and the college is near to my workplace. So, in terms of location wise, is strategic and convenient for me.

Foo Min Wei

Diploma in Information Technology

Thanks to RCC, that I can continues my study in my favorite course. I choose this college because this college is more cheaper than others. I got full loan from PTPTN and Bank Rakyat throughout my study, it will ease the financial burden on me and my family.

Nikholas Anak Majek

Diploma in Marketing

I choose to study marketing in RCC because I want to learn marketing, communication and e-commerce skills.