Student Testimonials

Sheena Poh Yie Thze

Diploma in Accountancy
Dean List Awards
Year Graduated - 2016

It has been absolutely an amazing experience in pursuing studies with RCC. All lecturers are amiable and willing to exert effort as well as time in guiding the students. The teaching methodology used is efficient and effective. RCC aims to nurture its students to their fullest by beslowing them with pivotal technical and social skills. College had provided a holistic blend of education, hard work and support.

Natasha Pui Shuk Mei

Diploma in Secretaryship
Year Graduated - 2018

With the Diploma in Secretaryship course offered by RCC, I learnt a lot from this programme. It’s a very interesting course as I get to learn typing skills, organizing things properly and many more. The lecturers who taught me are very helpful during my studies in this college. Not to forget, my amazing and helpful classmates who’d been there for me through rain and shine. Thanks to the college, I’m able to complete my studies and finally secured a job as a litigation clerk in law firm.

Joanna Agatha Belon

Diploma in Business Management
Year Graduated - 2013

I like the instructors here. They take the time to explain course subjects and are very supportive to students who require extra help. I like the fact that in our classrooms, there is a lot of interaction between the lecturers and students.